The Texas Water Research Foundation exists to seek out and fund research that will provide solutions to water and wastewater treatment issues or problems.

Grants are generally around $1000.00 and the goals are two fold:

  1. To study whether certain solutions are worth studying further, or
  2. Innovations or gadgets that change utility operations and/or make operator's jobs easier.

We believe some of the best solutions to operational problems can be found by providing those who do the 'plant or street level' work the opportunity to research the answers.

We invite you to send us your idea for review.  On the initial application form, all we need is a brief description of your idea, how you think it will benefit utilities and some ideas of how you will research the idea, the time it will take and estimated cost.

We don't need all the details, but give our committee of water and wastewater professionals enough information to make a fair evaluation of your idea.  If they believe the idea has additional merit, we will ask you to provide us with more information.

But for now, give your idea your best shot and let's see where it goes. First round submissions will be considered beginning after January 1, 2008 and then every calendar quarter after then.

Use the PDF form linked below to submit via email or the address on the form.



For the record, here is a simple statement of disclaimers, ownership, etc. that we think are worth noting.  This is sometimes known as the fine print, but we won't make it so small you can't read it.

1.  Your idea is your idea.  We won't own it, claim it or want anything in the future from you or your idea.  

Except, (just a small exception) if we fund your idea we would ask your permission to ultimately ask that you let us tell the rest of the Texas water and wastewater community about our funding of your research or idea; allow us to tell a little about you and your idea; and the sucess of the research or what the results are when you are done.

We would ask this of you for a couple of reasons.  First, we think you should be recognized for your idea, and two, the more we talk about what we are doing, the more additional funds we may receive for additional research and the more ideas we may be able to fund.

You will always have the option to say no and that will be the end of it.  No one will come to your door and make a big deal about it.  We might ask your one more time a little nicer, but if you really say no, no big deal!

2.  Your employer may have some claim to your idea, particularly if you are using their tools, location, etc, so keep in mind that certain policies and law may govern your research no matter what we think. 

So, if we agree to fund your research, it would be a good idea to work through these details at your organization before you start.  We will help you any way we can including contacting your employer to tell them why we think your research is important.  But it doesn't hurt to submit your idea!

We are not lawyers and we cannot pay for legal advice.  But come on, this is a plan to do the right thing.  We don't think we or you will need to get into all that stuff!

Our goals are good ideas that make a difference.